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Who We Are & What We Do

HTA's Focus Plan On Restoring Our Regional Economy - From the President's Desk.

Making things better for your business and our community is HTA’s 2023 mission.


As a private membership organization dedicated to “helping members grow their business” and addressing their challenges, the remarkable support of our HTA members during recent years has been crucial in helping us make the past 2 years our most productive years ever. The challenges of the pandemic offered us opportunities to show our value and leadership for our members, as we stepped up to be a great resource and a relentless advocate for helping members with capitalizing on available opportunities and addressing their many challenges to survive, grow and thrive.


As we continue our tireless efforts to help our members with their economic recovery, surge in demand and their labor crisis, HTA will work harder than ever in 2023 towards “making things better for your business and our community” by:


  • Focus on having a safe community, as public safety is vital for our continued growth and prosperity

  • Do our part to assure our International Airport (CLT) and Airline (American Airlines) to stay strong and continue to thrive.

  • Enhance Charlotte area’s status as a fantastic Business Capital to retain and enhance Corporate Business while positioning the city for more corporate headquarters’ relocations

  • Enhance Charlotte area’s status as a premier convention and event destination and focus on improving our area’s tourism infrastructure and promotions.

  • Making Charlotte a destination for medical tourism

  • Proactive involvement in community wide issues of transportation, education, workforce development, job creation, housing and homelessness.

  • Serve as a resource for members to address concerns for eviction ban issues, CMPD policies, ABC and ALE actions.

  • Prepare for the mega races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, mega events at the Bank of America Stadium (college football games, concerts, NFL games, bowl game, ACC Football Championship, MLS & International soccer games), 2023 and 2024 Wells Fargo Golf Championship, 2025 PGA Championship and other major upcoming events

  • Assist with the journey of bringing the 2025 ACC Basketball Tournament, 2025 NFL Draft, 2026-2030 CIAA Tournament and a Super Bowl to Charlotte. Active involvement in upgrading Charlotte Motor Speedway to attract and accommodate more mega tourism generating events and active involvement in the recently approved $275 Million major enhancement of Spectrum Center and creation of a new entertainment district in the Center City.

Our members are our only source of income, are our greatest asset and have made our many proud accomplishments over the past 29 years possible through their proactive involvement with our numerous activities, meetings and events.

If you are not a member, we welcome the opportunity of partnering with you and do our part to grow your business and address your business challenges.

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The Greater Charlotte Hospitality & Tourism Alliance (HTA) has been the premier voice of our region's hospitality & tourism industry since it was established by the leaders of the industry in 1994. Over the years the HTA's leadership has proudly and relentlessly been vital in efforts that have made our region a premier destination. We are proud to have been a major part of developing the Charlotte Convention Center, Time Warner Cable Arena, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, $200 million Arts & Cultural Complex, Carolinas Aviation Museum, the new Charlotte Knights Baseball Stadium and many initiatives which have made the Charlotte region a great travel, event and convention destination.

Our Impact

As a full-time membership association representing a variety of different businesses in the Greater Charlotte area, we have proudly become known as a major economic development driver for our region and one of the most effective business organization in the Carolinas. Our mission and specific priorities are simply focused on leading initiatives that are essential in maximizing the bottom lines of all HTA members' businesses. If you are not a member of our very pro-active and members' bottom line oriented association, we would love to have the pleasure of working with you in maximizing your business opportunities.

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